Friday, August 19, 2011

Wicked sale for a special little boy!

No, no, I'm not selling a kid, that's illegal (although I may or may not joke about selling the children on a daily basis).

Yes, I know, I's been a while since you've seen my lovely face on Blogger, but life, kids, yada yada...

In fact, the reason I'm here today has to do with kids.  One in particular.  Ben, a very special little boy who means the world to me, is in need of a new netbook or laptop for school.  You're probably thinking, "Pfft...that's not a need, that's a luxury" but this little dude is a special needs kiddo with Cerebral Palsy.  So what, you ask?  It's extremely difficult for him to write legibly and he has to use a computer for all of his school work and homework.  Unfortunately, his new school will not provide one for his use. 

Little Dude Ben!

So in hopes to raise some moolah toward a netbook for Ben, WickedSoaps is hosting a Weekend Sale!  Save 25% on everything in my Etsy shop this weekend when you use coupon code "WEEKEND25" during checkout.  100% of all sales this weekend will go toward buying Ben a netbook :)

I have a bunch of new enticing, entirely delicious smell goods since we last met...

Pink Frosted Sugar Cookie Goats Milk Soap

Pumpkin Vanilla Chai Goats Milk Soap
And lots of tried and true WickedSoaps favorites!  So swing on in, take a look around and maybe buy a thing or two and help out a good kid!