Sunday, January 24, 2010

Snow White Queen

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

One of my favorite fairy tales...and I've chosen my picks for the fairest of Etsy!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's Saturday Night...Let's Shake It Up!

As you know, more times than not, I participate in Etsy's SNS (Saturday Night Sale/Special) and I usually do a straight forward percent off your purchase.  Tonight, though...Misty's letting a bit loose and shakin things up!  Seriously...what's the point of being Wicked if I can't keep you on your toes?

Head over to my Etsy Shop, Wicked Soaps and get to shopping!

♥ Spend $10 or more and receive a free Lip Luster Balm!  Choose from:

♥ Spend $20 or more and receive a free bar of soap!  Choose from:  

♥ Put “SNS” and your choice of free item in the notes to seller when checking out.

♥ Sale runs from Saturday at 5 PM EST thru 6 AM EST Sunday Morning.

Don’t forget!  I can fit 3-6 bars of soap in a Priority Flat Rate envelope, and shipping is just $5 US, $11 to Canada, and $13 International!  That’s a lot of soapy goodness!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Screw Yankee, AuntieDis is where it's at!

If you're like me (aka a candleholic) then you've gone through your fair share of Yankee Candles...and cursed and moaned when the suckers burn unevenly, wasting wax and worst of all...send up clouds of black smoke. 

After joining Etsy about a year and a half ago, I quickly started going through the handmade candle shops and stopped in my tracks when I found AuntieDis

Her selection is astounding and the's unparalleled.  That's right.  Nobody compares.  Trust me...I know.  I've bought dozens of them in my quest to be the worlds best candleholic and Di has the best out there!  And damn her....she totally enables my addiction.

Not only does she have a selection that will make your mouth water, but these suckers burn so clean and the scent's obscene!  You can smell them burning throughout the house.  I personally recommend her Pink Sugar (BIG surprise, I know, haha) since I live, breathe, and dream everything Pink's the best freaking scent ever made!

Here's one that I just ordered....I can't wait to try it!  "Cactus and fresh green elements combine with fresh sea spray, sea moss and warm driftwood to create a very unique and pleasant scent. Very spa like."

Be sure to check out her other great shops:  TheTemptingTart and AuntieCardShop!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday Night Special!

Saturday Night Special at Wicked Soaps!

**25% off all items! (excludes clearance items, wholesale orders and shipping charges)
**Free US and Canadian shipping on all orders of $50 or more!
**Put “SNS” in the notes to seller when checking out and the discount will be refunded via Paypal after payment is received or you may request a revised invoice prior to paying.
**Sale runs from Saturday at 5 PM EST thru 6 AM EST Sunday Morning.

Don’t forget! I can fit 3-6 bars of soap in a Priority Flat Rate envelope, and shipping is just $5 US, $11 to Canada, and $13 International! That’s a lot of soapy goodness!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


That's right.  I said scrubalicious!  Despite having to get up at 5 AM this morning (a time, by the way, that should be illegal for being akin to medieval torture) and a 4 hour round trip drive to take my honey to the airport after a lovely 5 day visit, the "Get Off Your Ass and Create" fairy lit a fire under my booty.

Since I wasn't about to tempt her wrath and tell her to get her Bic away from my nether regions, I decided to make some new (you got it!) scubalicious Sugar Body Polishes!

Since I was in such a creative mood, I also decided to introduce not only new body polish scents, but to introduce them in new, smaller 4 ounce jars.  So, without further ado, The Fairy, her Bic and Myself are proud to present the following:

And since it's such a kick ass scent, you should try out the Tuscan Melon & Apricot Soap, too! 

The other scents I was able to make and list today are French Lavender, Mojito, Mocha Java, Dark Raspberry, and Pomegranate & Sweet Orange.  They're all $8.00 for 4 oz jars, but as always, I can make them in 9 oz for $12.00 if requested!

Another new soap that I couldn't wait to get listed was inspired by “blanche” (aka “la Bleue”) absinthe.  Anise, sugar, juniper, spices and citrus make up a unique yet surprisingly clean smelling version of this legendary underground favorite.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Weekend Sale!

Baby, it's cold outside...that means it's time to grab some wickedly good items from Wicked Soaps and hop into a steamy bath!

It's been an amazing week for me.  I've been featured on 4 blogs this week and made it to the front page of Etsy for the 3rd time in 2 months.  If that's not reason enough to celebrate, well then, I don't know what the hell is!!  

In honor of my wicked kick-ass week, how about a little (or not so little) sale?  January 8th - 10th, take 20% off your entire order and receive free shipping on orders of $50 or more! (Does not include clearance items, wholesale or custom orders, or shipping charges). Discount will be refunded via Paypal or you may request a revised invoice prior to paying.

Don't forget to check out my Clearance Section for some awesome deals...items marked WAY down!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Who says peer pressure is bad?

I have a confession to make.  I hate cherry.  Anything cherry makes me scrunch up my face and make pukey noises.  That being said when Di from AuntieDis told me I needed to make a Cherry Cola soap, my tummy rolled, my face scrunched up (even though she couldn't see it), and I believe my response was "Oh hell no!"

Since I am a strong independent woman who does things her own way, it's of course no surprise that one week later, I was staring at a bottle of Cherry Cola fragrance oil, grumbling and cursing Etsy's best candle maker and her stupid Cherry Cola.

Having gotten my immaturity out in the form of groans, muttering, and fake retching, I got to work.  But remember, my dear readers...I am a strong, independent woman!  If I am going to give in to peer pressure, I'm going to do it on my own terms!  So as I made the dreaded cherry soap from my own sensory hell, I snickered and added some chocolate fragrance.  Ha!  Take that, Di!  Na na na boo boo.

Imagine my suprise when I decided to be brave and take a whiff.  Hmmm.  *sniff sniff*  Hmmmm?  Wow.  *another sniff*  That actually smells pretty good.  Damn you, Di. 

So, the moral of my story?  I don't really have one.  AuntieDis, the wench, was right.  Stupid Chocolate Cherry Cola soap is pretty damn good.