Friday, November 25, 2011

Misty's Holiday Gift Guide - Volume 3

This is the 3rd and final installment of Misty's Holiday Gift Guide!  It's going to be short and simple, but there's nothing simple about the shops I'm featuring.  Today is all about gifts for your furbaby!  

Miss Jennie and Miss Sophia are the absolute epitome of cuteness!  In totally different ways, of course, one being human and the other being fur covered.  But they make a fantastic team:  Jennie sewing up stylish collars, harnesses, leashes and more for your pup or kitty and Sophia modeling them (she is such a diva!)  **And she's offering free shipping for Black Friday!  Use code "BlackFriday11" when you check out!

Pumpkin Patch Plaid Dog Collar - $16.50
Christmas Sweets Holiday Dog Collar - $16.50
Skull & Crossbones Dog Collar - $16.60

Miss Liz from P3Puppies is the SHI...I mean BOMB!  I have such mad love for her, I can't even tell you!  And she's got what it takes to keep your furbaby warm this winter!  Don't be put off by the lack of sales in her's brand new!  But she knows what she's doing and has FANTASTIC products!  I think Miss Sophia even sports some P3Puppies wear...I know Auntie Dis' furbabies do!

Cow Hide Patterned Large Fleece Dog Jacket - $20.00

Snowflake Pattern Large Fleece Dog Jacket - $20.00
Small Red and Black Paws Fleece Dog Jacket - $20.00

Well...that's it for my holiday guide!  Be sure to check out Volume 1 and Volume 2 for more great gift giving ideas!

Happy Holidays!!

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