Monday, February 1, 2010

Freaking Cold Monday Blahs

It's freaking cold outside today.  I don't mean it's just below freezing....I mean, freeze my bits off, only 9 degrees, I don't wanna know the wind chill cold.  Remind me again why I moved back to Michigan?  Oh yeahhhh...I love my family and missed the snow *snorts*.

Anyway, this post isn't just to whine and moan about my bum getting frostbite.  I've got some exciting news!  AuntieDis, you remember her...Etsy's best candle maker, is hosting a giveaway on her blog for a jar of my Sugar Scrub Cubes!  Best of get to pick the scent you love!  What better way to beat the (freaking cold) Monday blahs?!

Click on the picture above and it will magically transport you to her blog where you can read all the rules and find out how to enter!

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