Friday, February 5, 2010

What A Day!

And it's only noon!  I found out about an hour ago that my Love Spell Body Polish is featured not only in the Etsy Finds email and on the Etsy Storque, but also in the Etsy Voter:  Valentine's Gifts for Her!

What a way to start the weekend, no?  I'm so excited, I'm practically vibrating!  There goes any thought of sneaking in a nap...

So anywho, check out the Etsy Voter..and I'd love to have your vote!  The top 5 items will be featured on the front page on Feb. 11th.


  1. No one deserves it more than you sweetie. I love your products and your spirit. Rock on, girl.

  2. Linda, thank you so much, my dear :)

  3. Divaeva, it sold, but I relisted it :) Here you go!