Thursday, March 11, 2010

WickedSoaps on Artfire, You Say?

Why yes...yes, I do say!  After some prodding, pushing and let's be honest here, good old fashioned peer pressure, I finally decided to branch out and open an Artfire shop.  My shop is still on Etsy because I absolutely LOVE Etsy, but I figured there's no harm in having more than one web presence!

So, in honor of branching out, I'd like to welcome you all to WickedSoap on Artfire with a Grand Opening Sale.  Save 20% on everything in the shop today, Thursday, March 11th through Sunday, March 14th!  Don't worry about any paypal refunds or coupon codes...all prices are already reduced!

This is a great way to try out some of my newest creations at a lower price.  I've got some new soaps and body polishes just dying for a new home! 

As always, I can fit 3-6 soaps in a Priority Mail Flat Rate envelope, so stock up and save on shipping!


  1. Hey! The more places your product becomes available the better! Your stuff rocks.
    I got sad the other day when my moisturizer's label got wet and smeared the ink on your pretty label! :(!!

  2. YAY! I don't know who peer pressured you, *cough*, but I know you're going to rock it so hard!

  3. Okay so your movin on up to the big time. Yeah for you. I am thinking of joining Artfire myself. Told another blogger about the dirty dreaded hippy soap and I betcha you'll get a follower 4eva. She's a bad ole hippy broad too.
    If you don't mind, would you tell me what convinced you to join Artfire? Just curious.

  4. Linda, you are a sweet, sweet woman! Basically, it's what Skulda said...the more places my products are available, the better. And while I never plan on leaving Etsy because I love it, ArtFire has some great being that there's no listing or sale fees and I just pay a flat $12/month. I've sold 3 bars of soap so far and that's already paid for my first month. Can't really beat that! I don't foresee having the same amount of sales there as I do on Etsy, but it's already paying for itself :)