Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What the hell happened to Cedric Diggory?!

Ok, ok...I'm not really one of those fan girls.  You know the one's I'm talking about...screaming, pulling at their hair, jumping up and down...nope.  I haven't been one of those since 1989 when NKOTB ruled my every waking moment.  Ahhh...Joey....

Anyway, normally this blog is reserved for only shop, Etsy, and soapy related things, but today, I thought I'd blog about something (erm...someome) a bit different.

I don't think it's ever been a secret that I love Twilight.  I picked the books up one morning while in Target with my boyfriend, started reading the first one in the car on the way home, and didn't put the sucker down until I was done with it.  Honest.  I even took it with me to the loo.  And when I finished Twilight, I immediately moved to New Moon...etc etc.  One weekend and 4 novels later, I was a 30 year old woman pining over a fictional 109 year old teenage sparkly vegetarian vampire.  Sounds outlandish, I know. 

I was pretty excited when the movie Twilight came out, though I was a bit surprised when I heard they chose Cedric Freaking Diggory to play Edward.  C'mon, man!  This is Edward Fucking Cullen!  Yes, I realize that Edward is really only 17, but whomever played him had to present an air of sophistication and wisdom, maturity way beyond 17 years.  Did they really think Cedric was the boy for this? 

I had to investigate.  Imagine my surprise when I did some sly googling and realized little Cedric Diggory had grown up.  Grown into a very surprising yummilicious Robert Pattinson....Still, at the time, I didn't go all fan girl.  He was some little 21-22 year old actor (and still Cedric Diggory in my mind) and I was 30 years old.  Fast forward about a year.  New Moon is just about to be released and I come across this:

I immediately drooled.  No really, I think I felt some dribble out.  I wiped the corner of my mouth, right clicked that mutha and saved it to my desktop...all the while thinking in the back of my head,

You know when you fan girled all over NKOTB he was in diapers...you know this, right, Misty? 

Shut up.  I'm not going out and buying Tiger Beat so I can plaster my bedroom walls with him, am I? 

Nope.  Do you think he even knows who NKOTB is?  He wasn't even born when they got together.

Shut up.  He's legal.

Ok, Mrs. Robinson.

It took me a while, but I think over the last 6 months, I've become comfortable viewing Mr. Pattinson as nothing more than eye candy.  Very young eye candy.  Legal eye candy.  Ok, ok...so I downloaded some Johnny Depp, too...just to raise the age median. 

The point of this entire pointless post (other than an excuse to stare at Robert Pattinson), is to admit to one of my guilty (and I do mean guitly) pleasures.  It begs the question, though...what is your guilty pleasure?

I'll leave you with one more photograph of a very grown up Cedric Diggory.  Admit it...even with the bib, he's delicious.


  1. *cough* I googled Marky Mark yesterday *cough*

  2. bwahahahaa!!! Good Vibrations, baby!

  3. Although he IS older than me...LOL

  4. Oh man... HE *WAS* CEDRIC!! I barely recognised him. D:

  5. Skulda, I know. He grew up sooooo nicely...

  6. When it comes to the books , I am a team Edward girl but when it comes to the movies it is JACOB all the way. I feel like a total perve when I look at that kid but, whatever. Men have been drooling over young things for ages! If I were a teacher and he were in my class I would probably go to jail for sexting(I think thats what they call it these days) with a student. Buahahahahaha.

  7. Jennie, you and I think far too alike... ;-)

  8. Misty....you a drooler? Who woulda thunked it? Now keep in mind....all these little boys are decades younger than me and I still think they are yummilicious. When NKOTB came out they were babies for me. Who gives a big one. Hotties are hotties.
    Says the Dirty Dreaded Hippie...the dirty ain't from dirt honey.

  9. he's 109 that is how i justify it :) but they should have waxed his chest lol :)

  10. Oh I completely agree with you...so delish!! hahaha (and I'm 38!!!!) I don't feel creepy at all in being so in lust with Cedric/Edward/Robert...he's legal, as you've pointed out ;) And NKOTB, yep, hotties, too, just as you've pointed out :)

  11. Linda, I am definitely a drooler, I have no shame admitting that ;-) Have I told you lately just how much I adore you, you dirty hippie, you? xoxo

    LittleGems, haha...yeah, that's kinda how I tried to justify it, too at first. But I'm not so much lusting after Edward Cullen (though I've had my fair share of lustful thoughts about that not-so-teenaged teenager) as I am lusting after Robert Pattinson, 24 year old f*uckhot British actor. Mmmm....

    T.L. I'm soooo glad I'm not the only one! My boyfriend actually had the nerve to point out I could biologically be his mother. I tried to knee him in the junk, but he moved too quickly, so I just called him a dirty, dirty perverted old man for all of his fantasies starring Emma Watson, haha.

  12. Ahh NKOTB, Donnie was my man!!!!
    He was hot back then, now not so much!!!!
    Gone in the opposite direction as yourself, I'm 33 and fancy 49 year old Titus Welliver (smoke monster from lost)
    Once a fangirl, always a fangirl i suppose!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I couldn't stop laughing when I read this post. I have to admit I haven't read nor watched any of the books/movies. I've been reluctant to because I didn't want to turn into one of those fan girls either. But something caught my eye, or perhaps it was boredom - I ended up watching the trailers for the new movie coming out and....oh MY! Looks like I've literally been "sucked" in! LOL!!