Saturday, April 10, 2010

What do you say to 25% off?

I say, "Hell yeah!"  It's been a few weeks so I thought it might be a good time to take part in SNS.  For those of you who aren't familiar with that nice little term, SNS means Saturday Night Special.

Tonight's SNS at WickedSoaps is 25% your total order!  Now you know that it does not include wholesale, custom orders, sale items, or gift sets/baskets. Cannot be combined with any other discount, yada yada.  Just be sure to put "SNS" in the message to seller during checkout to qualify for the discount!

But...I have some delicious new items since I last talked with you and now is a great time to try them out for a quarter off retail prices!

I just listed 4 new lip balm flavors...Honeysuckle Nectarine, Ginger Peach, Tropical Coconut, and Candy Kisses.


  1. Okay so I am a big old ninny and didn't put SNS on my payment but I did put DDH, Dirty Dreaded Hippy.....have pity on an olde bagg?

  2. Oh, Linda, lol. You know I love you. I already sent your invoice reflecting the 25% off ;-) Thanks a million, my dear! xoxo

  3. It's a good thing you understand often timers.

  4. Okay so the third time is the charm right? My lovely daughter Shelley and I were discussing our order from you and she (no really not the olde bagg) was wondering if you had already tried honeysuckle fragrance or possibly would try honeysuckle. She would be most interested. Thanks for listening to my babble yet once again. You a goodie Misty