Saturday, April 24, 2010

Vacation is over!

After an impromptu shop vacation, due to 1 overworked soaper, 1 almost-neglected child, and not nearly enough hours in the day, I'm happy to say Wicked Soaps is now open for business once again!

I'm sad to say that my Body Butter Cremes are discontinued for the season, but happy to report that I will soon have lovely and decadent Milk & Honey Body Lotions in place!  Also coming are sinful perfume oils in no-mess, easy to apply (and best of all) more cost effective roll-on bottles!

Just so you don't think I spent my "vacation" twiddling my thumbs, I've listed 3 new yummilicious soaps and worked my soapy butt off building up stock!

I have to say, closing my shop was hard...I almost opened it back up about a dozen times, but that would have left me in the same tough spot I was before...unable to juggle everything and not able to get orders out for almost a week.  It feels great to be back!!

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  1. the new soaps look yummy! I love all the products I received last week - thank you! =D